Christien Louviere
Christien Louviere
Advisor to Chief Revenue Officers

There are 3 ways to work with me

1- Innovation Strategy

Do you have a business problem that you can't solve or don't have time to solve?

Bring me on to get a fresh “set of eyes” on your business problem and an innovative plan to solve it.

This is a one-time engagement for $1,750.

Don’t let your business problems go unsolved.

2 - Innovation Coaching & Consulting

Once I build the strategy, you have the option of hiring me as a coach or a consultant.

  • Coach: I will coach you on the execution of the strategy.

    • This is a quarterly engagement for $4,700 per month.

  • Consultant: I will build the team and lead the execution for you.

    • This is a value-driven engagement. The time and duration depend on the scope of the plan but the minimum retainer is $17,750.

3 - Sales Training

Do you have a sales pipeline problem? It's likely because your sales process stagnant or non-existent. We have a sales training program that is designed to increase your sales pipeline immediately.