Christien Louviere
Christien Louviere
Advisor to Chief Revenue Officers

I thrive in the unkown.

My focus is helping companies reimagine ways in which they can increase revenue and prevent churn. By working strategically alongside sales leaders, I bring their objectives to life by utilizing innovative productivity practices and technologies - always with the customer experience in mind.

As a "recovering sales rep", having worked for venture-backed startups such as SoftBank, Scale Venture Partners and Summit Partners as well as larger organizations such as Oracle and Google, I bring a unique perspective on the challenges facing companies today.

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Current Work

B2B - Consulting

I consult with CEOs and CROs on revenue innovation. I have been involved with startups at pivot points from grassroots up to 300 people. You can learn more about my consulting work at SellPersonal.

B2B - Innovation Gumbo Media

I produce a curated media stream called CRO Gumbo where I break down the lessons learned from various sources such as podcasts, books and documentaries.

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B2C - Orange Therapy Podcast

I am the producer and cohost of the Orange Therapy Podcast which is a weekly show for the members of the $1 billion fitness franchise that is OrangeTheory. You can subscribe to the podcast here or text “OTP” 555888.

Past work

Past Work Experience

I have 12+ years of experience selling media and SaaS to Fortune 500 brands for VC-backed startups. If you’re curious about the journey, you can see those stops on my LinkedIn profile here.