Christien Louviere

Q: What are, in your opinion, the pros and cons of relationship selling?

Christien Louviere

A: there are no cons 🚫 unless...

💣Your are only focused on the short term.

🤦‍♀️To quote one of my first female (sales) mentors, “Christien ya gotta close like a man. You’re actin’ like you’re still in college trying to close in one night.”

🚗💻🎱Everything from 8-balls to cars to SaaS requires a long term relationship OR being able to provide tremendous value while catching them at the exact moment of pain. #doublemeaning

🥈There are middlemen carcasses all over the side of the road. Unless you have the cash FLOW to go really wide, the market only rewards depth and fast adaption.

🥇🥉Be fast or be slow but don’t stay in the middle of the road.

The market is your audience.

🤝Build a long term relationship with them.

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