Christien Louviere

Q: Should I connect with recruiters on LinkedIn and then message them directly?

Christien Louviere

A: Yes and No...literally.

👍Yes connect with them.

🚫 Do not write them a message on LinkedIn. They get 100s of messages.

🔥💸Do This Instead:

1) Create a 10-30 second unlisted video on YouTube. HINT: imagine you had to get them to ask you, “how do you do that?” That’s the only goal of this video.

2) Find the recruiter’s email address, Instagram profile, Facebook profile, whatever. HINT: DM me if you need this done for you for free.

3) Send that video to the personal messaging channel you chose in step 2. Do not send a resume until they ask. Otherwise you don’t stand out.

3a) Use that video in your LinkedIn connection message.

🙌Everyone is better. BE DIFFERENT. 🚀

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