How To Effortlessly Make Your Sales Teams Excited To Sell Everyday

How To Effortlessly Make Your Sales Teams Excited To Sell Everyday

A happy sales team is motivated, engaged, productive and moves your organization forward. A happy sales team makes your company thrive and contributes greatly to your bottom line. So, why not shake things up with a new approach and give your sales team the gift of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system like Pipedrive? If you have 50 or fewer employees, Pipedrive is the only CRM you will ever need, and you will find the benefits are game-changing.

Why Pipedrive Is the CRM of Choice for My Sales Flywheel System

Y Combinator co-founder Paul Graham said, "Do things that don't scale." Well, scale is exactly what Pipedrive focuses on and the very reason that it is the only choice of CRM for my Sales FlyWheel System. So, why is Paul Graham’s advice so good for startups and small businesses? Because one of the most important things at early stage companies is to keep an eye out for customers and revenue. The problem is that most salespeople, CEOs, and Founders have competing tasks and they end up getting bogged down with technology and data entry. It’s easy to see why sales get lost with so much time being wasted on repetitive tasks and manual data entry.

Excellent Benefits of Pipedrive

Data Entry and Sales Prospecting

The time salespeople spend on data entry is remarkable. A study by in 2017 showed that only 36% of a sales rep time is utilized for sales. That leaves roughly 64% of their time performing activities that produce no revenue. Similarly, OpinionMatters report that sales reps spend 15 work days each year entering telephone numbers. That equals roughly 120 hours of wasted time and loss of potential revenue.

...only 36% of a sales rep time is utilized for sales
— 2017,

Pipedrive has great solutions for the problem of wasted time. With Pipedrive, revenue makers will no longer be solely responsible for data entry and sales prospecting. In fact, the system has built-in prospecting features that capture and organizes the prospects data. You can also easily import and export data and then synchronize your email with your sales CRM. This makes it much easier to find and filter your data instantly. Pipedrive has a feature called Smart Contact Data that will save your team hours of time searching the internet for business intelligence.  

Pipedrive Smart Data Search.png


Pipedrive uses Kanban to visualize data flow. In our increasingly visual world, it’s vital to be able to quickly get a glimpse of each deal without having to search for it. Data visualization tools are an amazing sales tool, allowing you to readily create charts and graphs—and then add them to your customizable dashboard. Visualized data is processed much faster and understood much easier.  

Take the sales pipeline as an example. You create graphics that allow you to visually track and interpret data points at each stage of the sales process. The visualization illustrates if your sales reps are progressing or if there are areas in need of improvement. So, not only do you get to see how many sales closed during a period of time, but also exactly how those sales closed. That type of data is invaluable.   

Deal First

pipedrive deal first.png

Pipedrive is deal-first. Everything in Pipedrive revolves around the deal. Everything in other CRM’s—particularly the bigger ones—revolves around the contact. Pipedrive tracks all events and activity that takes place throughout the sales process and when you qualify a lead, it generates a second output that represents the potential deal between you and your client. This deal then goes through the stages of the pipeline.

Go Mobile.

The Pipedrive mobile app is excellent. It allows your team to manage sales quickly and stay connected with all prospects and customers. Sales reps can stop wasting time looking things up as the customer information will be right in front of them. This helps in quicker decision making and is a smarter, faster way to move deals through the pipeline.  If you have or would like a high-performance sales team then your only choice is having exceptional mobile ability. And incidentally, if your sales reps can't do their job from the back of an Uber as easy as they do from their desk, then your company is already dead.

Pipedrive mobile app.gif

Improved Morale.

Pipedrive can be good for team morale. Just having it improves spirits throughout the company. In fact, CEO’s have told me that my Sales FlyWheel System immediately affects the morale of the entire company because it just makes sales easy.

Email from CEO to me

Email from CEO to me

When sales are good, everything is good. I owe a large portion of that success to Pipedrive. Another way it improves morale is through a healthy dose of competition based on weekly sales report results. Sales reps can convene and discuss what worked and what didn’t work, and things they could improve upon. They can set goals and work towards what is attainable and can be measured. Setting goals empowers teams.


Pipedrive is intuitive, simple, and an incredibly powerful sales tool. It makes usable information available and acts as a personal assistant to the sales rep. It helps to decrease time spent on manual, repetitive tasks, it provides visualization, offers excellent mobility, and improves the morale of the entire team. It is the most successful if the entire company embraces it and then salespeople can finally get back to doing their job...and just sell.