🧐Q: can conversations become markets?

 🔥Conversations will be the ONLY markets.

Do you wonder how companies like Instagram, Dollar Shave Club and Uber get the valuations that they do?

Your technology can be copied and scaled overnight.

🤯The conversations you are having with your customers is your AwesomeSauce that cannot easily be duplicated.

What say you Jeanniey Mullen, Rhea Hurst and Dave Gerhardt?

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Chat(bot) versus Email marketing

Last week I solved 3 of my own customer service issues (2-B2B and 1-B2C) in 10 minutes.


I had 3 online chats open in 3 windows at once.

I was asked today, “Is conversational marketing better than email marketing?”

Wrong question.

Question should be, “How can I provide the best customer experience at the speed that is comfortable for your customers in that channel?”

I want online chat.

My mom just wants a phone number.

A client I have in the C-Suite only wants email.

Ondemand economy...adapt or....

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Q: How can I get my work noticed in my own company?

Q: How can I get my work noticed in my own company?

1 - connect on LinkedIn with your colleagues.

2 - turn your work into LinkedIn posts that show others how to do what you did/do

3 - tag the people you woke including whomever you report to giving credit to the team.

Bonus - make a custom audience on Facebook and advertise your LinkedIn updates to your colleagues.

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Q: Should I connect with recruiters on LinkedIn and then message them directly?

A: Yes and No...literally.

👍Yes connect with them.

🚫 Do not write them a message on LinkedIn. They get 100s of messages.

🔥💸Do This Instead:

1) Create a 10-30 second unlisted video on YouTube. HINT: imagine you had to get them to ask you, “how do you do that?” That’s the only goal of this video.

2) Find the recruiter’s email address, Instagram profile, Facebook profile, whatever. HINT: DM me if you need this done for you for free.

3) Send that video to the personal messaging channel you chose in step 2. Do not send a resume until they ask. Otherwise you don’t stand out.

3a) Use that video in your LinkedIn connection message.

🙌Everyone is better. BE DIFFERENT. 🚀

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