Christien Louviere - Headshot

CEO @ - Content Marketing Consultancy

I'm a sales-first content marketing consultant. I spent my entire career selling SaaS to Fortune 500 brands.

I realized early on that the traditional marketing methods were no longer effective for the modern buyer. Each buyer is unique and expects to have a personalized experience. Once I systemized my selling process, I was able to sell millions of dollars in SaaS.

My system did 3 things very well:

1) Find the marketing channels where my potential buyers and influencers were having conversations.
2) Repurpose my company's existing content marketing collateral to fit that channel.
3) Distribute the fresh new content into those channels.

From this system, I started the SellPersonal consultancy.

We will help you find the marketing channels where your potential buyers and influencers are having conversations, repurpose your existing content to fit those channels and then distribute it into those channels.

Christien also writes a monthly blogcurated newsletter and hosts a podcast, which are designed to deliver high-quality leadership content and create a platform for discussion.